Langnese Acacia Honey 500G

The subtle, sweet and mild taste of Acacia Honey makes it the perfect sweetener for fruit salad, grapefruit, strawberries, breakfast cereal and tea. The light, transparent color demonstrates the high quality of this single-variety acacia honey. The consistency of this delicious natural product stays fluid for a long time. Bees collect the nectar for this sun-kissed honey during the acacia’s (Robinia pseudoacacia) short blooming period in the spring.

Product Specifications:

  • Package Size: 500G
  • Product from Germany
  • Keep away from light and store at room temperature
  • Expire date: 15 May 2026


100% Pure Liquid Bee Honey
 Note: Please keep in mind that different batches may have different packaging
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Langnese Acacia Honey 500GLangnese Acacia Honey 500G