Zaini Gianduiotti 160G


Gianduiotti embodies the tradition of Italian chocolatier art, which Zaini has been interpreting with its recipe for over a hundred years. But Zaini’s innovativeness is also able to challenge tradition with creativity. That’s how Zaini irresistible chocolate assortment was born, with a focus on dark chocolate, which has always been our speciality. Our dark Gianduiotto and Cremino are just some of the classics of our rich praline assortment, where the chocolate shell contains many different flavours, exquisitely combined.

Product Specifications:

  • Net contents: 160G/BAG
  • Made in Italy


Sugar, Vegetable Oil and Fat, Starch Syrup, Skimmed Milk Powder, Matcha Dextrin, Lactose, Salt, Yeast Extract/ PH Adjuster, Milk Protein, Flavor (Derived from Milk), Stabilizer (Modified Starch), Emulsifier, Sweetener (Aspartame (E951)-L-Phenylalanine Compound, Acesulfame Potassium (E950)), Silicon Dioxide, Seasoning (Amino Acid)
 Note: Please keep in mind that different batches may have different packaging
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Zaini Gianduiotti 160GZaini Gianduiotti 160GZaini Gianduiotti 160GZaini Gianduiotti 160GZaini Gianduiotti 160G