M&Ms Fudge Brownie Sharing Bag

Experience everything you love about homemade brownies without turning on the oven. These innovative treats have the goodness of fresh-baked brownies in a sweet and chewy center—no baking required.

These bite-sized candies with a colorful candy shell are perfect for sharing on the go, as an after-dinner dessert, or as a mid-day snack at the office.

There are so many delicious brownie flavors to choose from. Fill your treats with candy bowls, or stock your pantry at home so you never run out of this unique flavor of M&M's.

Product of United States
9.05oz per bag
Expire date: 04.2023
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M&Ms Fudge Brownie Sharing BagM&Ms Fudge Brownie Sharing BagM&Ms Fudge Brownie Sharing Bag